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International Auto Recycling Events Scheduled

Professional associations are a great way to network with others in your industry and to talk shop with people who share your passion. Both national and provincial recycler associations hold various meetings for their members around the country. Below are the currently scheduled conventions and meetings for the coming year. A few of the highlights from the 2013 meeting slate include AARDA’s 25th Anniversary Convention this June in Sylvan Lake, Alberta, and the joint OARA – ARA meeting, bringing together Ontario and U.S. recyclers this October in Niagara Falls, New York. The International Roundtable on Auto Recycling returns to North America in 2013, taking place in November immediately following the ARA Convention & Trade Show in Phoenix, Arizona.

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You Know it is Time to Junk your Car when…

funny gifs

Yep, definitely time to send this one to the junk yard!

Time to Junk your Car?

Ummm, YES!!!!

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Car Taken Apart in Six Minutes

Nice article and video from the Kentucky Police on how easy it is for thieves to steal and strip your car.

You walk outside and find your car missing. After a few seconds of irrational denial — “I’m sure I just misplaced it,” you think — you realize the car has been stolen. What you don’t realize is that by the time you file a police report, the car could already be spare parts.

Car Ready for the Junk Yard

Well here is one way to know your old car is ready for the auto salvage yard!