Why You Should Make the Switch to All-weather Tires

Every winter, Canadian drivers will be driving on all season tires that have the potential to freeze in the cold, slip on slush, and can take twice as long to stop on ice. This year Kal-Tire is trying to help Canadians learn the difference between all seasons and put some thought into using all-weather tires. The kind of tire that you can drive no matter the season.

All-weather tires are not the same as all-season tires. If you drive in any kind of winter weather, or even just below freezing climes, all-weather tires are superior to all-season.

All-weather tires carry the Transport Canada pictograph of mountain peaks containing several snowflakes. This logo indicates these tires pass the test as a “snow/winter” tire. The important difference is they can be left on the car all year round.

All-season tires do not carry this logo because they have not passed the winter test. All-season tires were originally meant to be able to cope with snow and ice, but their grip falls as fast as the Times Square ball on New Year’s Eve when temperatures drop.

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