Get Rid of your Old Junk Vehicles

Good Ask Joanne article!

In most cities, every second power pole is plastered with ads for scrappers who will pick up clunkers for free, and pay you for the privilege. Call around to compare prices, but keep in mind that who buys your vehicle can make a difference in where and how it ends up.

“Our members are not looking solely at how much it weighs, but there are many guys out there who operate that way: they’re not going to do anything environmental to it, it’s going to be squished with all the fluids in it, and who’s to care?” says Fletcher.

Fletcher has been with the Ontario Auto Recyclers Association since 1992. “We’re all audited to the Canadian Auto Recyclers Environmental Code, which we developed with Environment Canada. We physically go visit the places and see how they deal with the different materials, and where they send them; that’s the only level of oversight that exists in the industry right now.”

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