We are more than happy to hear from our customers when there is a problem but we love to hear from happy, satisfied customers as well!

Dear Sir:

Thought I’d send the following to you as the owners of Standard. Maybe you’d like to hear a compliment about your staff.  Most employers hear when something goes wrong, but this is to thank your employee, Linda, for being so helpful and for her pleasant telephone manner. A real pleasure to deal with Linda. You deal with cars every day, but I’m turning mine over to you after 10 years and I’m kind of attached – we’ve been through a lot together. Like getting rid of a family member.  It was difficult for me and Linda made it palpable, for which I am grateful.

Thank you very much,

All the best,
Louise Artibello … I’ve had an offer for more money but my brother-in-law said that Standard is a great company and to go with you guys based on your reputation and long history of good service.